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Welcome to the Baldur's Gate Community! [Dec. 29th, 2020|03:22 pm]
Baldur's Gate
This community is for...

Baldur's Gate series Icewind Dale series Planescape: Torment Neverwinter Nights series

We wish you a pleasant stay,
please make sure you have read and accepted our ( Community Rules )

We also wish to remind you that all "Greeting-entries" are forbidden
But you can present yourself to the community and say hello to it's members by replying to this post.


From: corvid_eap
2005-02-07 06:25 am (UTC)
As far as i know, everything in BGII (and i'm assuming BG as well) is hard-coded into the game, so it's not just a case of finding the right file and changing a 1 to a 0. BG uses a completely different engine to NWN, and i don't think its possible without basically extracting the source code and modifying that, which is illegal. I may be wrong though, so try the game hack sites if you're desperate.
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